"All I am fighting for is dignity, for me and my people, and the identity of being Tibetan-  I will forfeit everything for this simple desire" – Tenzin Tsundue


This weekend, in the lead up to the Olympic torch relay in Canberra, there are a number of protests, vigils and briefings in Melbourne which you are invited to observe or be a part of:

- 'Didge for Tibet'
- Day of Mourning & Protest
- Kesang’s Vigil
- Meeting with Mr Chope Paljor Tsering
- Protest in Canberra on 24th of April to the torch relay

Bus reminder - April 24
Seats on the bus to Canberra are quickly filling up. Please contact Chris on (02) 9283 3466 to book your place.

1. ‘Didge For Tibet’ – Saturday 19 April
At 2.00 pm on Saturday, Dean Frenkel, a renowned musician will join an unknown number of didgeridoo players to participate in a mass horn-blowing protest outside the China Consulate in Toorak (75-77 Irving Road, Toorak).
Tibet supporters are invited to come and watch this unique demonstration of Australian support for the Tibetan cause.

Dean’s goal is to use the horn-sound of the didge to send the following messages to the China Government:
- To stop cracking down on Tibet.
- To stop interfering with Tibetan culture.
- To be humane and tolerant with dissidents.
- To grant genuine autonomy to Tibetans.

Dean requests that onlookers respect the peaceful and symbolic nature of this protest.

2. Join the Tibetan Community’s Day of Mourning & Protest – Sunday 20 April
You are invited to join with the Tibetan Community of Victoria and Tibet supporters for a day of mourning and protest to remember the 154 Tibetans recently killed and the thousands injured, arrested and imprisoned in Tibet.

The protest will run from 10.00am until approx 12.30 pm outside the Chinese Consulate in Toorak (75-77 Irving Road, Toorak).The program will include speeches and prayers.

3. Stay for Kesang's ongoing vigil outside the Chinese consulate – Sunday 20 April
Kesang will continue her weekly vigil outside the Chinese Consulate this Sunday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Kesang will be continuing her weekly vigil right up until the opening of the Beijing Olympics.

Tibet supporters are more than welcome to join Kesang in peacefully calling on China to enter into sincere dialogue with the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and work constructively towards a peaceful resolution to the Tibetan situation.

Don't forget Sunday's meeting with Mr Chope Paljor Tsering, a Minister in the Tibetan exile administration in India. This a rare opportunity to get an inside view of the current situation in Tibet. The meeting will be held at 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm (for English speakers) at Tara Institute, 3 Mavis Ave, Brighton East (or 3.00pm to 4.00pm for Tibetan speakers).

The robed monk at the centre of the photo is Jampa Tenzin. He is captured raising his fist in defiance of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. At first glance, Jampa has a proud, almost exhilarated look on his face - perhaps relishing his chance to protest.
The look, however, could also be one of excruciating pain. At the time this photo was taken, Jampa was suffering from severe burns received while attempting to rescue monks from the burning police station in which they were being held. Jampa’s disregard for his own safety, and his courage in continuing to protest despite major injury, has made him an enduring emblem of the Tibet movement.